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  • Bachelor of Art, University of San Francisco, 2014

    Master of Architecture, University of Southern California, 2017


Architectural Designer

As the architectural designer at B+A Architecture, Lubin’s primary focus is on taking the conceptual design process through to the construction document phase and construction administration. Lubin’s eagerness to embrace new challenges sees him taking on everything from residential projects to commercial and industrial. His strong 3D modelling and rendering skills are the cornerstones of his work. 

Lubin holds a Bachelor Degree of Art from the University of San Francisco and a Master of Architecture Degree from the University of Southern California. He completed his studies in 2017 and joined B+A Architecture the following year. Detail-oriented and organized, Lubin is looking forward to a long and exciting career in architectural design. 

Lubin draws much of his inspiration from the industrial engineers in his family and the frequent trips that his parents took him on to cities across China as a child. He left China after high school in order to continue his education in the US. His blended eastern and western cultural experiences have given him a unique approach to architectural design. 

The vision of Le Corbusier, who was committed to creating architecture as a machine for living, provides the inspiration for Lubin’s work. Inspired by his icon, the ideas of functionality and rational order that laid the foundation of modern architecture flow seamlessly through Lubin’s work. His own passion for travel and photography also provides plentiful inspiration. Lubin sees architecture not only as a product but as an artform that links inextricably to the way that we live – a reflection of our culture and lifestyle. Architecture, to Lubin, is a machine, but one that has a soul.