• Expertise

  • Residential Design


  • Master of Architecture, Louisiana State University


Architectural Designer

Fernando is a talented and passionate architect with discerning tastes. During his time as Architectural Designer with B+A Architecture, he has been involved in a wide range of residential projects, including clubhouses and pools for several multifamily communities and custom homes, as well as feasibility studies for apartment buildings. Fernando brings a keen eye for detail to the team, as well as boundless enthusiasm for continuing professional development.

Originally from Ecuador, Fernando earned his Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) from Universidad Catolica de Guayaquil and his Master of Architecture (M. Arch) from Louisiana State University. He first worked with B+A Architecture as an intern while studying and was an instant fit, so he joined the company after completing his studies.

Fernando finds inspiration for his residential designs in the work of Canadian architect Brian MacKay-Lyons. He is particularly interested in the materials and construction techniques that MacKay-Lyons used in the design of his houses. As a young designer, Fernando is looking forward to seeing his own style grow and develop over the coming years. He is fascinated by the way in which spatial vision translates from paper to reality – something which has delighted him ever since he took his first technical drawing class in school. Supporting clients’ visions to become a reality is the core focus of his work.

When he’s not working, Fernando likes to travel and to watch movies. He loves to experience cityscapes through movie characters’ eyes and to explore the world as they see it.